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Get in touch with us and we can chat through what you want to achieve. We are absolutely convinced we can really make your event brilliant with our CoBi at the centre
So you are considering using our Cobi  as a great eye catcher, fundraiser and the key ingredient of a Mega ride charity event. That's brilliant and we can help.

We term Mega rides as any hire taking longer than one day. Our CoBi holds a Guinness World Record for completing the John O'Groats to Land's End ride. We also delivered a fantastic ride from London to Paris over 5 days and a Scouts charity fundraiser which covered 140 miles in the South West of England.

Mega rides get you exclusive use of our CoBi up to 24 hours a day for every day you need it. Most Mega rides provide their own driver (with the necessary insurances in place) and logistics which include transport, overnight stops, hotels, CoBi storage, food and support team. We are however very happy get involved and support whenever and wherever you want us to, providing we are available.

These really are bespoke events and each one requires different support and services. we know what we are doing regarding there so call us and chat through through your ideas - trust us, no idea is too whacky. Do you want to raise significant funds for your cause or charity. Do you want to convey a message for your cause and raise their profile. A Mega ride can really support you in this. 

The amount of miles you can cover generally depends on hours many hours in the saddle you are willing to put in. On Mega rides, teams need to pace themselves so we reckon on 50 miles a day (more if you trailer the cycle to different points). Mega rides would require a vehicle following closely behind for support and to tow the trailer. 

​We have found that the best way to raise funds is to get people to pay / raise a minimum amount to ride the CoBi . If you had 3 teams of 6 people with each person raising £75 to ride the CoBi each day on a set route, distance or time, that would raise £1,350 gross income from the day's ride. Multiply that by the number of days, coupled with tin shaking along the route and you can see how quickly the income can stack up. In our experience, each person raises more than the minimum you set which is great for your fundraising targets.

There is of course no requirement to raise funds from using our CoBi. If you wanted to use it purely for a good fun Mega ride, that's just great too.

Contact us via the contact page (bottom red box on the left) and we can discuss your requirements and get you on your way to having the best special event ever and one which you and your friends will talk about for a long time to come.
So you're thinking of doing a Mega ride? No problem!
Thinking about organising a really big big over a number of days for charity or just for fun!?
London to Paris, John O'Groats to Lands End, or similar?
Thinking about organising a one day ride for charity or just for fun?
London to Brighton, around your local area / town or similar?
Thinking about organising a special event for charity, business or just for fun?
Schools event, local fete, a stag do or hen party, birthday party, graduation, celebration, want to promote your message or similar?